Inspire Accelerator: Training

Microsoft 365 is a global platform of cloud productivity applications and services, which can transform the way you collaborate and work within your firm.

One of the main areas that helps our clients get more from Microsoft 365, is comprehensive training so you and your colleagues can understand how to get the most from the services available to you.

Therefore, to help our clients our product specialists can provide comprehensive Microsoft 365 Training to use new and enhanced features in the services, alongside exploring common and efficient ways of working to gain the most benefit

Microsoft 365 Training Inspire Cloud Technologies
Microsoft 365 Training Inspire Cloud Technologies

Accelerate to a positive outcome with Inspire Cloud Packages

  • Inspire Cloud Accelerators are our fixed price packages, helping deliver value quickly
  • Accelerators will help you implement changes quickly and focus on outcomes
  • Accelerators offer competitive fixed pricing based on your company size
  • Accelerators are tailored based on common problems which we can help resolve
Comprehensive product training

Learn more about the services available to you

Explore commonly used features to drive new ways of working

Gain confidence in
Microsoft Office and sharing
files with customers

Ask the questions that are important to you and your team

Competitive pricing and structure

Competitive pricing based on the size of your company

Completed remotely by a certified Microsoft product specialist

Covers a wide range of services, which are important to you

Access to a wide range of
on-demand training material

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Microsoft 365 Training Inspire Cloud Technologies