Learn how to administer Microsoft 365 with Microsoft Expert training

Microsoft 365 Training Inspire Cloud Microsoft 365

Are you trying to administer Microsoft 365 but unsure where to start, or what settings can be changed in Microsoft Teams or SharePoint?

Microsoft 365 Training Inspire Cloud Microsoft 365

Then let our Microsoft 365 Certified Experts show you how to administer the Microsoft 365 platform in a safe and secure way

How can our training help?

We help our clients administer Microsoft 365 through learning more about:

Create Accounts

& Manage Licenses

Learn how to create new accounts and change product licensing

Administer Microsoft Teams

Understand what options are available to you, to secure and control Microsoft Teams

Administer SharePoint


Learn how to create new SharePoint Sites, SharePoint Security, Setup & Maintain Policies and more about SharePoint admin features

Improve Security

Learn how to review important security settings and how to change them

How can better administration help in Microsoft 365?

Better administration in Microsoft 365 can allow:

Microsoft 365 Training Inspire Cloud Microsoft 365

Improve costs with understanding how to allocate and remove licenses

Improve security with changing important settings and revoking access

Improve end user experience with improvements in how your IT requests are handled

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Microsoft 365 Training Inspire Cloud Microsoft 365